People ask us all the time, “Why should I attend a national/ international modeling and talent convention?”

The answer is simple:


The reality is that you will hear all kinds of “opinions” on why someone should or should not attend a model and talent convention. But much like any other decision in life, you need to evaluate the source of the opinion and the basis. Don’t let negativity discourage you from pursuing your dreams!

The first and primary reason people attend conventions is for exposure to major market fashion and talent agents, personal managers, casting directors, network representatives, and music producers. In a short time, aspiring models and talent will meet hundreds of these national and international decision-makers, all of whom are searching for that next rising talent or super model. These industry professionals that models and talent meet at the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention are the movers and shakers of the entertainment business.

They make things happen!

Tobias Truvillion

Fox's "Empire" Star


Now take it a step further. A person’s convention experience will greatly depend on the Mother Agency with whom they attend the Convention. So, the reason to attend a convention is to go with Industry Direct Models + Talent? BECAUSE WE CARE! Above all else, we want you to SUCCEED!!! Your success is our success. We would not be where we are without the success of our models and talent. We understand and value that. This is what separates us from all of the other agencies that are out there participating in conventions. You are meeting people you would never otherwise meet in a safe, supportive, family-friendly atmosphere. In addition, it is a week-long learning experience. Some will find this is their passion; others will learn from it and go on to be nurses, lawyers, etc. or find their love behind the camera. We are as proud of our top models and actors as we are of people who have attended IMTA conventions and realized that they did not want to model or act on a national/ international level but wanted to, instead, go on to other fun and exciting careers. Industry Direct Models + Talent is a family oriented agency that makes sure all of our convention participants have a wonderful and fun-filled learning experience while being exposed to the people who can jump start their careers.

While preparing for a convention with Industry Direct, both the participants and their family members will get an education on the realities of the modeling and entertainment industries. So many people have hopes of becoming the next top model or the next top actor but, in order for that to happen, one must first understand how that happens.

Renaldo Dorrell

Model/Runway Coach

Be prepared!

Industry Direct’s goal is to have participants 100% prepared for their exposure so that they can shine at the convention. Our developed network is a key element in our continued success at IMTA. We have a track record of bringing amazing talent to IMTA, and many of the agents and managers already present models/talents from IDMT. We are proud to have 90-100% placement for our entire group at past IMTA conventions. This means not only are the managers and agents interested in seeing our people, they're interested in signing them!

The conventions Industry Direct attend are held in the acting/ fashion capitals of the world!

“What is a ‘Mother Agency’?” Why, we are! We are your "home base" Agency. So while Industry Direct may place you in NYC, LA or even Europe, we continue to guide as you are transitioning into your career; your success is our success! (see the theme here?) We will be the ones talking to the Agents and Mangers on your behalf. Often it is easier for them to speak with us, especially given our reputation and experience, rather than directly with talent. We are here to help our models and talent navigate the exciting world of modeling and acting.

Courtney Pierce Actress

We are here to help our models and talent find their paths, no matter where those paths may lead.

Sometimes it’s to the biggest managers in the industries; sometimes it’s just helping them realize their dreams in other disciplines. Sometimes, even after going into another discipline, many of alums come back to model here locally! Either way, it’s an honor to be trusted with such a task, we couldn’t be more proud of our Industry Direct Models/Talent!

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