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Let's do paris in 2022...Who's Ready?


Join us in Paris, France 2022 for the European Model Showcase.  A one week unique experience to meet with the top model agencies in the world!!  You do not want to miss this experience!!!!

WE SUGGEST TO Stay at the hilton paris opera!!

Thanks for submitting!

Train with Master Model Coach Nina Nesbitt
Photoshoot with International Photographers
Participate in the European Model Showcase
Dinner Cruise to Close Out the Showcase
This a great experience to broden out your international career! 
What are you waiting for! Contact us today for your opportunity of a life time!

Congratulations to Industry Directs very own

Tiara Daniels

for her Fashion Avenue News Paris Cover!!!

— October 2020


Hanging with Dianca- Kupenda's mother in PARIS at the EUROPEAN MODEL SHOWCASE

— May 2019


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RSVP NOW!!! to secure your spot at this exclusive event. 

Space is limited!! Further your Modeling Career NOW!!!!

Apr 27 | 14:00

8887 Old University Blvd., #213 N. Charleston, SC 29406

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