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Your Ticket to the World of Fashion and Entertainment


Its official!!! South Carolina now has legitimate representation,

through Industry Direct Models and Talent LLC: 

To scout, develop and market new faces and talent to the entertainment industry!


Major agencies from around the world have turned to Nina Nesbitt, CEO of Industry Direct Models and Talent LLC for their scouting needs, through the largest convention in the world –the International Models and Talent Association – IMTA.

This convention held 2 times a year, boasts over 500 agents, producers, directors etc. in attendance that are excited about the future star models/talent the scouting members bring.


We market and connect you to agents from all over the world that may have an interest in representing you for the industry.
What makes Industry Direct Models and Talent different from agencies or modeling schools, is process which includes three phases:


We SCOUT with the agents requests in mind.


We DEVELOP the model/talent through regularly scheduled workshops/seminars, constantly increasing their level of marketability- QUALITY TRAINING IS EVERYTHING! Participants are taught by instructors that have experience in the industry as a model or actor. They share real life experiences, which gives you the edge when you are faced with the opportunity to sell yourself!


 We DIRECTLY MARKET to the actual decision-makers in the industry by showcasing the model/talent in the largest convention in the world- the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA).




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RSVP NOW!!! to secure your spot at this exclusive event. 

Space is limited!! Further your Modeling Career NOW!!!!

Apr 27 | 14:00

8887 Old University Blvd., #213 N. Charleston, SC 29406

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